Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Rain-Out Policy?

The event will take place rain or shine unless notified by Nashville Fit Magazine that the field is too wet or dangerous for competition. A rain-out back-up date is May 12th. Event surfaces, modification of tests, and event schedule may go into effect if a weather delay occurs.

Q: What surface(s) are the tests held on?

The tests are held on the grass field and concrete around Ted Rhodes Fields. This surface is hard and dry if there has been no rain. Turf shoes, rubber cleats, running shoes are all acceptable shoes for this terrain. Metal spikes are not allowed. Some tests will be on grass, some on pavement pending the weather. The run will be held on the grass on one of the event fields. Running shoes should be worn for this test. If the rain-out date of May 12th goes into effect, some tests may be moved to pavement, so running shoes will be necessary.

Q: Can I carry a bag with me throughout the tests?

Yes. In fact, we highly recommend you bring a small bag with a name-tag to carry any change of shoes, extra water, or clothing to be used throughout the tests. You will not be allowed to leave the test area to change your shoes or clothes, so be prepared to have what you need in your bag.

Q: Is there a charge for spectators?

No. This event is free for all spectators of any age to follow along and cheer on their friends/family competing.

Q: Will there be food/drinks available?

Yes. Athletes get one free meal from Paleo Works and water will be available provided by Defiance Fuel in coolers throughout the event course. Food is available for purchase in the FIT Village to all others.

Q: What’s the seating and shade situation look like?

There will be limited number of bleachers set up throughout the test areas. We also hope to provide more shade with tents set up throughout the grounds. Don’t forget to bring sun screen and an umbrella if you need one.

Q: Do you require fully extended elbows for the pull ups?

Yes, arms need to be fully extended for a good repetition. Full extension is defined as within 0-10% of flexion at the elbow and the shoulders should return to the same amount of extension that is used in start position. This slightly varies depending on width of grip at the bar. An important point to make is that in last years judging the crowd or athlete may have been counting repetitions that were not accepted as a good repetitions or counted toward final score by the judge. If a bad repetition that can not be scored occurs, the judge will call it out to make sure the athlete is aware and will inform the athlete why. If the athlete needs clarification they can quickly ask but must maintain both hands on the bar and continue the test. If at anytime athlete releases a hand for more than just a re-grip….. the test is over. Also, please understand that some people have true physical limitations that do not allow them to extend fully in comparison to a different athlete. Due to past injury or even surgery that physically shortens their range of motion. Those athletes are allowed to be judged from their physical end range of motion.

Q: Can a back brace/belt or other braces (knee, elbow, or ankle) be used for various events?

Yes, there is no problem with using a brace during the competition as long as it is for injury prevention.

Q: What is the event schedule?

The event takes places from early morning to late afternoon. There are a few things that could slightly alter start times, but we will do are everything possible to update all the competitors if there are any changes as we get closer to the event. An official email and posting to the website will be provided once the Official Start Times for each Division have been set.

Q: Are we allowed to make changes with team members’ registrations? I had to replace a couple of team members due to unavoidable circumstances.

Yes, you can substitute for team members that cannot make the event up until the designated cutoff date as indicated on the registration site. Just be aware that you must have at least two people and no more than four people total on your team and all over the requirements of the team division you are competing in.

Q: How long does it take to go through all tests?

This all depends on the size of your division and conditions of the day. You should expect to be on the field for at least one hour and up to two hours if you are competing in a larger division like the 20s, 30s, 40s or Team Division.

Q: What is the order of events? How much time do you usually have between events?

The order is exactly in the order that we list them on the website and numbered accordingly. This order is based on energy system recovery. So we definitely want the order to be public knowledge. Recovery is acquired in two ways: 1) waiting time within each test station as you are waiting for your turn. if you are 1st, you wait until your heat is complete and everyone moves on to the next station together with the official heat leader, so there is recover there regardless of your order within the heat. This could be up to 5 min depending on test 2) You have 2-3 minutes in between based on walking to next station. We have done our best to build in spacing between heats to avoid bottle necks from station to station.

Q: Can I compete as an Individual and on a Team?

No, you can only compete in one, not both, so choose wisely!

Q: Will winners of each division and overall be announced on the day of the event after all heats have finished?

No. Unfortunately there are too many data entry points to collect and enter in our system in such a short period of time to announce winners on the day of the event. You do not need to stick around for an award ceremony or announcement on the day of the event. It's important we take our time and do not rush entering the data. Winners will be displayed on this website 48 hours after the event has taken place.